Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Faering Dory is a 13'-6" traditional style wooden rowing Dory that I designed in the style of the Norwegan Faering and the traditional Northeast working rowing Dory. It is built to meet the needs of the modern coastwise explorer while keeping a trditional style.

It rows easily and is ideal for 1 - 3 persons. At 100 lbs. weight, it is easy to bring to the water by 2 persons by car-topping on a compact car.

The flat bottom allows for an easy beaching and the high topsides will keep it's crew dry in a chop.


  1. Hi John,
    It looks like a wonderful boat! Very handy and handsome. I'd love to see her and take her out for a row.
    Fair winds and following seas,

  2. Thanks Brandon,
    I think your boat looks great. Teh faering dory is out for the season, but I show it to you if you want to see it, and in the spring time you can take her for a row.